Steel Walls and Dirt Drops

Science Fiction - Military
Science Fiction – Military

The new commander of the 1392nd

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Allied Protective Expeditionary Services is

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Hamisha Ann McPherson and this is her first command of anything larger than a squad. She is a larger-than-life combat veteran and a bonafide war hero. She knows combat. She also knows that combat is one thing and that command is a warthog of a different and dubious color. Misha wonders if she has the necessary skills to turn this group of slackers, petty criminals and losers into an effective fighting unit in the short time she has left before being tossed out the back end of a spacecraft to fight in ground chewing warfare.

APES are supposed to be an armored infantry fighting force. However, this unit’s last commander retired in the saddle leaving his unit to unravel and fend for themselves. Their assigned space forces transport captain is less than no help at all. The war with the Binders is heating up and there are secrets swirling around mixed with gossip about the last big battle against the aliens. Some secrets could mean life or death for the ground pounders who wear metal armor in dirt side warfare.

Combat is on the horizon and even the veteran APES doubt they will be ready for what is coming. All Misha can do is crack a few heads, kick some backsides and see what happens. Her APES might live through the next battle if she is successful. If not…

  • Paperback: 390 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; Second Edition edition (June 25, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1496028767
  • ISBN-13: 978-1496028761
  • Product Dimensions: 0.8 x 5.4 x 8.4 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 1.3 pounds (

6 thoughts on “Steel Walls and Dirt Drops”

    1. Joseph,
      Thanks for your comments. It was a fun book to write and I am glad you enjoyed it.

  1. I bought and read this book when it first came out. Enjoyed it so much I’ve reread it a couple times and just recently bought the audible version as well. Any chance of a sequel?

    1. Kelly,
      Sorry, but at this point I haven’t any plans to add a new book to this one.
      Alan Black

      1. I stayed up till 4 am reading this book. Going to be dragging at work which is what i get for starting a book at 9 pm. Loved the book. What I hated was finding out that no sequel is planned. So no finding out what happed that made the intel on the Binders so classified. No finding out what the green squiggly things were growing out of the sores. No finding out what caused them to get attacked by fellow humans. So… the green squiggly things were mutated spores which caused a cross of dna between the Binders and humans which in turn allowed the binders to use human technology. Also allowing the mutated binders to infiltrate and destroy the humans. This allowing the binders to slowly infiltrate human sectors and mutate or kill off all humans. Thus ends mankind. The end. Aggrevated those questions were not answered. It is like having multiple cliff hangers and an opps sorry never going to know. On a side note i have read the rusty hinges series 2 times but that was a couple of weeks ago. Had to reread them all because i started with the 3rd so had to get one and 2 then read 3 again. Then reread all 3 again because they were that good and the first time was out of order. (I know.. if i read 3 then 1 thru 3 that technically put them in order.. but they were awesome so we dismiss the technicalities as trivial details) I got no sleep that week!!! No sleep!!! Well couple hours. ( then had to read 2 again because i wasnt sure if it was my favorite. Turns out 2 was my favorite.) So seriously… no sequel? Book of cliffhanger questions and no sequel? Don’t you want to know what happened? The charecters are seriously not screaming at you to finish their story? Sorry APES and their bloody secrets!

        1. Sherry,
          I don’t have a sequel planned because I just haven’t been able to come up with a storyline that brings justice to the characters. Maybe someday.
          FYI: Book four (METAL BOXES – AT THE EDGE) should be available this October. And yes, book 2 is my favorite, too.
          Alan Black

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