Pardner’s Trust

A review for a writer friend from Arizona.
Pardner’s Trust
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Randall Dale

5.0 out of 5 stars

Saddle up!

(Pardner) by Randall Dale is an old-fashioned western cowboy tale set in modern times. However, it is not your typical rodeo western or even a tale about a man who is all hat. Our hero is an honest, hard working young cowboy who has seen more cattle than most men his age have seen hamburgers. Herding cattle, riding fences, and roping stubborn steers are daily occurrences for this young man. Becoming a horseman is just a tool of his trade until he meets a half-wild, half-starved, all-stubborn horse that is more than a match for his skills.

As our young cowboy grows into being a man, with all of the romantic trials, financial challenges, and physical injuries that entails, he and his horse learn to work together and become a team. A team where the sum of their parts is greater than the whole and their success individually depends on their success as partners.

Dale has given us more than a typical good vs. evil melodrama, but a real depiction of the spark of life, the growing pains, and the daily trials of a modern day cowboy with such authenticity and depth that we know this man and his horse are real.

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