Metal Boxes – Rusty Hinges


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Metal Boxes – Rusty Hinges
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36 thoughts on “Metal Boxes – Rusty Hinges”

    1. Frank,
      Metal Boxes – Rusty Hinges will be ready for sale on Amazon no later than May 1, 2016.
      Alan Black

      1. Not fast enough. Need it now! Now, you hear me.

        All kidding aside I am looking forward to this. I do hope you write the meeting between the mother and the marine brave enough to duck a woman on first name terms with the emperor.

        1. I hear you.
          I’m typing as fast as I can.
          Metal Boxes – Rusty Hinges is still on track to get out by May 1st on Amazon in print and on Kindle. Audiobook might take a few weeks longer.

  1. Is a great read. Only thing is it is ordnance not ordinance. Cannot wait for the next book

    1. Bob,
      Sorry. I can’t spel worth a dran.
      Seriously. I am trying to work harder on that.
      Metal Boxes – Rusty Hinges should be out by May 1st.

      1. Great excerpt Alan. Do you have long term plans for the series? The Stone books are for me on par with Jim Butcher’s Dresden files and I am curious about your vision about the character and his future.

    1. Sorry, Mr. Norton.
      I did not set this up for pre-order. However, we are less than 2 weeks away. Hang in there.
      Alan Black

  2. that’s alright, I really got a kick out the pigs wearing sunglasses and island hats. Of course Stone will get into much more trouble, scramble his DNA even more, probably sea monster now, and chase after his girl.
    I really look forward to reading the sequal.

    1. James,
      I’m sure Stone will get into a LOT of trouble. After all, it wouldn’t be much of a book if all he did was sit around and write reports.
      Kindle version is already there.
      Happy reading.
      Don’t forget to give me a good review on Amazon. Remember: Mama always said that if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.
      Alan Black

  3. i see that you have the kindle version available when will the paperback issue be available to the general public?

    1. Jamie,
      It still should be available by May 1st as promised. However, it could be less. I’ve given the final approval and it is being loaded up now.
      Alan Black

        1. Jamie,
          Amazon should have it all posted and connected for ordering by May 1st. However, it may be a few months until the audiobook version comes out.
          Alan Black

        1. We met you and your wife a the Tucson Book Festival and have enjoyed each of your books. I have since purchased and read all of your sci-fi novels. You have an amazing imagination and are full of surprise twists in each story line. I hope you will continue expanding the Metal Box series. What’s can we expect next?

          1. Jamie,
            I remember you very well.
            Thank you for your support.
            We expect book 4 Metal Boxes – At The Edge to be available around the first to middle of October 2016 and book five is scheduled for sometime in 2017.
            Alan Black

            1. Your story lines keep me guessing and constantly amazed. Keep up the great story lines, they are page turners that I usually complete in one or two seating’s.


            2. No pre-order available for “At The Edge” on Amazon?!?!?
              *dramatic wrist to forehead*

              1. Brigitte,
                Still too early for a pre-order on AT THE EDGE. We still have a few months left to go. I should be able to get a pre-order set up for the Kindle version sometime in September, as we won’t even have the cover done until then.

  4. just bought it a couple of hours ago on Amazon. it’s not up yet of following updates but it is easily found on your author page

  5. When will this Book Be available on Audible? I have swept thru the other two in one day and absolutely love the story. I’m on my second go-around to catch what i missed the first time. Audible makes it easier to enjoy a book with my supper busy schedule and life.

    1. Dorin,
      It is being narrated now by the same voice and produced by the same team. I don’t have an exact date, but it should be soon.
      Alan Black

  6. I’m surprised that there haven’t been any comments about your new book “Metal Boxes -AT THE EDGE” . So, let me say. I was shocked that our hero was court marshaled out of the service and sent to his families merchant service. i should have known better, you again surprised and thrilled me with the new direction and story line. When is the next installment of story due out? Keep up the good work and expect to see you at the Tucson Book Festival in March 2017.

    1. Jamie,
      Thanks for the comments.
      The next installment is scheduled for Summer of 2017, however there are a few issues that may delay it a bit.
      Alan Black

      1. Missed seeing you at TFOB, but met your Chief Editor. Started reading “Quest for the White Wind” that she recommended, and am looking for the next installment of the “Metal Boxes”. Keep writing.

        1. Thank you Jamie. Sorry I wasn’t able to attend TFOB. What did you think of Quest for the White Wind?

          1. I haven’t finished it yet but, find it interesting so far as I don’t usually read fantasy novels.

    1. The 2nd book in the Empty Space series is scheduled. I am unable to provide details on publication at this time.

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